y o u b i k e l o n d o n; Richard from Elephant & Castle

Introducing a new feature here on the blog - Y O U B I K E L O N D O N - short interviews with the everyday and ordinary cyclists of London - new interviewees will be posted every Friday showing the views of the people who are getting around on two wheels.  Our first interviewee, Richard, is seen here on the Hallowe'en Critical Mass (thus why he has a Pumpkin in his hand - I don't think it's standard cycling gear!)

Where do you live?
Elephant & Castle
What do you ride?
Giant in black (it used to be purple but I resprayed it), with red tape drop-down handlebars
How often do you ride?
Every day
Helmet or no helmet?
What's your primary reason for cycling?
To save money - it's amazing how much you save in Tube and bus fares
Least favourite aspect of cycling?
Most favourite aspect of cycling?
The rush of going fast
What advice would you give to an aspiring cyclist thinking of cycling in London for the first time?
Start on the quiet roads and work your way up - if you're European don't be afraid but remember to cycle on the right side of the road!  Build up your confidence and remember it's usually faster than the bus or the Tube.


Skippo said...

Cool handlebars Richard

WestfieldWanderer said...

Haha! Cause for confusion here!
if you're European don't be afraid but remember to cycle on the right side of the road!

Mark said...

By which I hope Richard means 'the correct side' as oppose to the right side!

Unless he really doesn't like Europeans :o)

His point is essentially valid though - I have a work colleague from Copenhagen who has riden (rode?) bikes all her life - every day I ride into work she looks at me all wistfully and says 'I love cycling BUT I could never do it here - it's all backwards and just too too dangerous...' A massive shame, I think.