Moments of movement

I've been out and about with my new camera, tyring out all the settings and seeing what it can do.  Here are some of the results I thought I'd share with you:







You can find my Flickr photo stream of all my cycling photos, which have a creative commons license meaning you can do anything you like with them so long as it's not for profit (and give me a mention), here.


Anonymous said...

Very nice! From a photography perspective, I particularly admire the shot with the bus flashing by.

From the perspective of significance, I really like the old gentleman in his classic clothes. One of your other London cycling photos is currently my work desktop, for the same reason.

The more we Americans can see of real people riding ordinary bikes in regular clothes, the better American city bike-riding will become. I'm convinced of it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry! I realized in re-reading my comment as posted that I missed out the most important bit: I live and ride a bike in an American city, and share your blog and photographs as widely as I can.

There's a hell of a lot of lycra and ugly yellow gear here, and that puts off many a might-be cyclist. Seeing pictures from a city whose climate is just like ours, where cyclists dress for the street and office, is enormously inspiring.

There. I feel better clearing that up!

ibikelondon said...

Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comments! For sure we also have our fair share of strangely dressed cyclists, but 'normal' cyclists are most definitely in the ascendant. With 80% of journeys in the UK by car being under 5 miles there's just no need to get dressed up - cycling is the practical, cheap and often fastest option and you can do it in your ordinary clothes - I am hoping we are moving towards a more European model of cycling all the time.

I'm touched you like the photos - until very recently it has been dark and grey in London and very hard to get decent 'action shots' that don't come out blurry. I've just got a new camera too, so this was me going out and exploring for the first time with it - hopefully there will be lots more to come.

Do stop by again - it's always great to hear from a reader (especially from the other side of the world!)


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