y o u b i k e l o n d o n - Gemma from Bow

Our weekly series of interviews with everyday and ordinary cyclists continues with Gemma from Bow - log on every Friday to seek the views of another London cyclist.

Where do you live?
Bow, and I work in Shoreditch
What do you ride?
A Raleigh Siren.  With no mudguards.  Which is why I have sh*t on my back. Are you listening Santa?!
How often do you ride?
Every day.
Helmet or no helmet?
What's your primary reason for cycling?
Speed and cost, and being able to get to work in the quickest way.  The #8 bus takes me 45 minutes - on my bike it's just 15 minutes.
Least favourite aspect of cycling?
Getting wet, and unaware drivers who want to run you off the road just because you're a cyclist, as oppose to doing anything wrong.
Most favourite aspect of cycling?
The speed of it and getting around London so quickly.
What advice would you give to an aspiring cyclist thinking of cycling in London for the first time?
Be aware of everything around you and expect every motorist to cut you up or turn without indicating.  Don't forget to carry a puncture repair kit.


Christa said...

Great questions.

It's always interesting to know peoples attitude towards helmets. I find it to be either love or hate - nothing in between.

I've thought about doing these spotlights on Bike by the Sea, but haven't had the gumption to pull someone aside. And this could be a full time job! (Anyone want to sponsor me? ;) )

ibikelondon said...

Hi Christa, yeah the 'H' word is always devisive! Still, it's good to know everyone's views.

Flagging down cyclists isn't as hard as hard as you might think, I find everyone to be usually very open and friendly, but for sure it does take time. No sponsorship for me either - just for the love it it :o)

Christa said...

Okay, you've inspired me - I'll try to do this questionnaire. :)