Cyclists are NOT barred from Oxford Circus

Regular visitors to i b i k e l o n d o n will recall my post questioning whether cyclists had been barred from the new Oxford Circus development, and showing how unclear and un-cycle friendly the signage was.

Well, I'm not sure if the new signange is any less unclear, but it does show at least that cyclists have the full right to make turns across Oxford Circus where all other vehicles are allowed to turn.

New signs - taxis, buses AND bicycles (Picture: Westminster Cycle Campaign)

A small victory, perhaps, but the points I made originally are still valid;

A.  It's nice to know that one can cycle about town without breaking the law or worrying that you may have done so.

B.  In this, Boris Johnson's so-called cycling city, things should have been clearer from the outset considering this was supposed to be a £5 million flag-ship street development.

A big thanks to our friends at the Westminster Cycling Campaign for the tip-off about the changed signs.


Anne said...

I'm glad, in this instance, that you were wrong, but that is one TINY little bike on that sign! It's the signage equivalent of an afterthought muttered under the breath, a bit reluctantly.

It is, of course, better than nothing, in the world of city bike-riding. I wish bike signage everywhere, though, could be a little more of a shout and less of a whisper, don't you?

Freedom Cyclist said...

trying our hands at bike riding round london later on today (we being georgie, my youngest daughter and me)!!! fancy that coffee?!!! - can't find your email address - but on the off chance that you read this, will check again here before we head to london!!

ibikelondon said...
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Freedom Cyclist said...

hey mark! sadly didn't make it to london today - trains all over the shop! so it'll have to be next jan (2011) unless you're in australia before that, and then i'll shout you to a REAL coffee! (how do you drink the rubbish over here??)

ibikelondon said...

Sue, so sorry to have missed you and the best of luck with the rest of your trip - what else do you have on your itinerary? Am I right in thinking you are off to snowy Copenhagen, and if so will you be meeting up with Mikael Colville-Andersen? Have a fab trip and I will definately take you up on the offer of a decent coffee should I find myself back in Sydney any time soon! In the meantime, ride safe and all the best with the appeal, looking forward to hearing all the latest on that, and enjoy your holiday!


Freedom Cyclist said...

thanks, mark - yes i'm off to copenhagen on monday and hoping to touch base with mikael at the end of the week - will keep you posted re the appeal!

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