February commuters, London...

It was morning rush hour, the junction of Cambridge Heath and Bethnal Green Road, on a cold February morning.  Experimenting with my new camera and how it operates in that dusty grey early light we get at this time of year, and checking out the early morning commuter street style.  I love the guy with the smoke on the go at the traffic lights striking a pose, and the dude with the purple Doc Martens with purple hat, and of course the girl in the red coat who looks like she's straight out of Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Bethnal Green rush hour

Bethnal Green rush hour 1
Bethnal Green rush hour 2
Bethnal Green rush hour 3
Bethnal Green rush hour 4
Bethnal Green rush hour 5
Bethnal Green rush hour 6

All my cycling photos can be found here on Flickr and are covered by a creative commons license.


Anne said...

The sheer volume of motor traffic in all your London cycling shots reminds me of what a huge, bustling city London is. I admire anyone who's able to cycle in the great cities of the world.

And yeah, the guy in the Docs is wonderful.

Oh, and if there's one thing that seems counterintuitive, it's smoking on a bike.

Mark said...

The traffic isn't really so bad. I mean, it IS bad but I think tends to look worse in these pictures because they were taken at a junction and so the traffic tends to bunch up here. But yeah, it's certainly bad enough to merit having segregated cycle lanes, for sure.

In a funny way I like to see people smoking on a bike, not because smoking is a good thing - which of course it's not - but because it is something that normal people do and so helps to take cycling down off that 'reserved for sportspeople' pedestal.