Cycling video round-up

The world's cycle blogs have been awash with fantastic cycle advocacy films recently, so I thought I'd post a little round-up of some of the best and most interesting:

London Critical Mass:

Regular visitors to the blog will know that the last Critical Mass in London was something special, with over 600 riders visiting the sites of the three cyclists killed by HGVs so far this year.  The London Cycling Campaign was there and put together this great little video documenting what happened:

...and in the same vein, if cyclists need a timely reminder of how we ought to protect ourselves as best we can with the way in which we ride, we could all do a lot worse than watch this short but frankly terrifying clip:

(Link from the ever-fabulous City Cycling)

From Dublin to Amsterdam via London:

I first spotted this video at Amsterdamize.  Dublin City Council sent their cycling officer Ciaron Fallon on a whirlwind tour of London and Amsterdam to see what measures were working in encouraging cycling and what more can be done to encourage the same in Dublin.  It's a great video, and what's more you might well spot some very familiar faces as he cycles around Hackney...

Beauty and the Bike: What happened next?

And so to the EXCELLENT Beauty and the Bike project from Darlington Media Campaign; after lending some lovely Ducth-style bikes to a group of girls in Darlington and asking 'why don't girls cycle in the UK', they made a film about the girl's experiences last year.  This short video follows up on the project and asks 'what happened next'? (video spotted on David Hembrow's superb blog A View From the Cycle Path)


Anonymous said...

great to see a vid of the cm last month, very moving and looking at the riders on the vid they hardly look like soap-dodging hippies or the usual pRejudiced idea of a cm rider. just cyclists who care. its a good thing to see. thanks for sharing. ed

Freedom Cyclist said...

Brilliant 'round-up' - have linked you into my post for today on the off-chance someone political in Australia reads me!!!

ibikelondon said...

Thanks Sue!