Snapped! Bike By The Sea

Continuing our occassional series of the best in cycling photography blogs from around the world...

Wooden Bike Basket

All the way from Santa Barbara, California comes Bike By The Sea, a veritable hive of beautiful bicycle photos.  The sky is always blue and the riding style relaxed.  Written by Christa (follow her on Twitter here), the blog is also home to the Cycle Chic global blogger network map, and a very cool little time-lapse video of cyclists on the promenade (Board walk?) in CA, which I've repeated for your viewing pleasure below. Check it out.


Christa said...

Hi Mark, thank you for sharing Bike by the Sea! Always happy to share beautiful Santa Barbara bicycle culture. Hope you will pay a visit someday, and I certainly have my eye on cycling London.


Mark said...

My pleasure Christa! We're always keen to share the word about cycling as widely as possible; I love that there is this network of blogs around the world all working towards the same ideals.

Let me know when you get to London, we'll take you for a spin!