Snapped! Estonia Cycle Chic

I'm giving the cyclists of London a few weeks rest from y o u b i ke l o n d o n partly because I was sick and missed last month's Critical Mass (which is the best opportunity to interview lots of cyclists at once) and partly because I don't have the time and energy right now to chase people down in the street as they are riding to work instead.  (And besides, no one wants their photo taken when they're trying to fight their way through Friday morning traffic at 8.45 in the morning.)

So instead, let's carry on with 'Snapped!', our occasional look at the best of cycling photography blogs from around the world, continuing this week with Cycle Chic Estonia.

I love that there are people looking out for how and why people ride their bikes all over the world, and it does feel like there's a genuine ground swell along these lines at the moment which can only be a good thing.  And besides, a bit of armchair travelling never did anyone any harm did it?  Enjoy and check out the Estonia scene here.


anna said...

The picture with the pouring rain is just brilliant! Thanks for pointing out..

Mark said...

It's a great shot isn't it? So atmospheric. London could do with a good downpour like that at the moment it is so stuffy here at the moment, though it has to be said when I see rain like that it makes my caliper rod brakes tremble in fear!

cycle chic estonia said...

:) Nice to see that you have notice my little blog. I just wanted to show some posts about UK, including London