Street Talks 3; Harry Rutter

The last Street Talk, about cycling infrastructure, was really popular and there was some great debate in the pub. (Wait? You don't know what Street Talks are yet? Where have you been?!  Read on here, dear readers)  If you didn't make it to the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain's presentation, you can listen again here.

The next Street Talk is tomorrow night, Wednesday 4th May, and after the excess of Easter and the Royal weekends, the timing is eerily appropriate.  If you had to loosen a belt notch at your street party, or had one Easter egg too many, you'll be able to take solace in the subject matter...

Too often in the UK whenever we hear about obesity it is through sensationalist headlines about how gluttons eat too much, or crazed fatties just can't help themselves when the cake trolley passes...  But if as a population we are all getting fatter, does that mean we are all of us gluttons and greedy, or is something else afoot?

Dr Harry Rutter is director of the National Obesity Survey and will talk about how the very cities we live in could be making us fatter, and fatter by design.  Never has active travel, such as walking and cycling, been so important...

The joy of Street Talks is that anyone can come along, from professionals to those with just a passing interest, and there's a warm friendy atmosphere.  The beer and food, if the subject matter doesn't put you off, is pretty good too.

All the details are on the Movement for Liveable London's website.

See some of you there!  Street Talks takes place in the upstairs bar at the Yorkshire Grey on Theobald's Road - food is available from 6PM, with the talk at 7PM.

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