Street Talks 5; Amy Aeron-Thomas of RoadPeace on traffic justice

Whilst stabbings, shootings and murder might make the headlines, people continue to die on London's roads almost entirely unremarked.  Indeed, you are four times more likely to die in a crash than from murder.

Road deaths are one of those subjects which society likes to sweep under the carpet; as if it is easier to ignore the guilty consequences of our collective transport choices than to actually face them head on.  Meanwhile, another family is coming to terms with loosing one of it's own every few days; run down on the pavement, killed in a car-to-car collision or knocked off their bicycle.

Flowers and cards left at Pritchards Road, Hackney, where Mr P McGreal was killed by a hit and run lorry driver last week.

And do those families receive justice for their loss?  According to the Movement for Liveable London - the organisers of Street Talks - no.  "Those injured by dangerous, speeding or drink drivers are not even included in counts of victims of crime statistics. Speeding vehicles was the most common type of anti-social behaviour reported in the British Crime Survey—until it was dropped from the survey."

When we discuss amongst ourselves what really puts people off cycling, we mostly all agree that safety is the key issue - whether statistical or subjective.  Part of creating conditions which are inviting cycling is tackling the 'road safety' debate head on.

Why not come to the last of the spring / summer season of Street Talks, before the August holiday break, to hear Amy Aeron-Thomas, Executive Director of RoadPeace talk about their pioneering work as the national road crash victim charity, their approach to road danger reduction, and traffic justice in London.  It's sure to be a stimulating, thought-provoking night.

Street Talks are a monthly 'drink tank' on sustainable cities, liveability and transport issues organised by the Movement for Liveable London.

Tuesday 5th July, 6PM for food and drinks for a 7PM start, in the upstairs bar at the Yorkshire Grey pub, Theobalds Road, London.

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