Vigil at Bow roundabout - TONIGHT

"..these Superhighways are central to the cycling revolution I'm determined to bring about. No longer will pedal power have to dance and dodge around petrol power - on these routes the bicycle will dominate and that will be clear to all others using them. That should transform the experience of cycling - boosting safety and confidence of everyone using the routes and reinforcing my view that the bike is the best way to travel in this wonderful city of ours." 
Boris Johnson, Mayor of London

"During a 2010 inspection ride, prior to the implementation of the Cycle Superhighway that connects with this junction, we warned TfL in the starkest terms of the dangers of left-turning vehicles, high traffic volumes and speeds, and the absence of provision for cyclists.
And when we saw the woefully inadequate design for the Superhighway in February, we wrote to senior Transport for London management to warn them expressly that this roundabout posed a continued and real danger.
We are appalled at this latest, preventable death and are fearful of what may happen when large numbers of cyclists have to tackle this junction on their way to and from the Olympics.
We cannot understand how this junction can form part of what is one of the Mayor’s flagship cycling projects.”
Dr Ashok Sinha, Chief Executive, London Cycling Campaign.

May Brian Dorling, 54, and the as yet unnamed 34 year old female cyclist recently killed on this junction rest in peace.

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Anonymous said...

that moment on the video at 1.06 shows everything that's wrong with this junction.

nilling said...

It's the first time I've seen a video of this roundabout - it's shocking!

ibikelondon said...

Terrifying, isn't it? The vigil this evening is bound to be very moving. I hope a lot of London cyclists will attend.