Bonsai Bicycles at the Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam

I'm just back from an invigorating trip through the Netherlands by bicycle.  You'll have to wait for me to get my head around all things two-wheeled that I saw and the 700+ photos I took before I write here about the trip, but in the interim I wanted to share some shots with you of what were undoubtedly the smallest bicycles I saw in Holland.


The Bonsai of Architecture is an installation at the famous Lloyd Hotel and Cultural Embassy in Amsterdam.  Thousands of tiny cyclists have been painstakingly cut out of paper and arranged throughout the hotel's restaurant bar by Japanese architect Naoki Terada.

There are tiny people on tiny upright bikes, hitching a ride in tiny little cargo bikes and even riding side saddle on the back of a traditional, tiny Dutch bike, all cycling across the tables, handrails and light fixtures in the room.


Japan is a country where space is notoriously short and the installation was timed to coincide with the launch of a book about building (tiny) houses there.  Architect Naoki Terada founded the architectural agency Terada Design in 2011 and lives and works in Tokyo.  Next to architecture and interior design he also designs furniture, products and graphics.

For more information, check out the Lloyd Hotel website, here.


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Will B said...

Can't wait to read the full report(s) about your trip. In the meantime, these wee bicycles are great. I like the last photo in particular because it gives a sense of how tiny the bikes are!

ibikelondon said...

Will, you're not wrong, they were tiny! What was amazing is there were hundreds and hundreds of them dotted around the hotel - someone spent a LOT of time cutting out all these little figures!

michael rubbo said...

How did you manage to get the bikes from the show?

michael rubbo said...

I'm also wondering if novel display methods like these little bikes, might help people find my bike art.

My most novel, and I think true idea, is that what gets onto walls has influence.

Think back to being a kid and remember the impact art at home had. Some images till remembered, eh? Typically are.

So getting bike art to that privileged postn. is a goodly goal.

Charlie said...

This miniatures are the cutest thing ever! The bikes are probably the hardest part!

Cycle Assist said...

Awesome, they must have taken a lot of time and care to create! :)

GreenComotion said...

Those are awesome. I can't wait to read your full report on Amsterdam. It is one of the cities I want to visit sometime.

Paz :)