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It was back in 2009 that Mikael Colville-Andersen of Copenhagen Cycle Chic fame first noticed the potential of a whitewashed brick wall in Hackney as a back drop to one of London's busiest bicycle routes.  Here on a flying visit from Denmark, he fired his camera shutter at the Londoners passing by on two wheels, and a series of fabulous photos were created.

London Cycle Chic 05
June 2009, via Copenhagen Cycle Chic

Since then I've been stopping by the same place regularly to grab some shots, as it is such a great place to take photos.  And now, some four years later I'm looking back over all my photos of the wall on Cat and Mutton Bridge to see what's changed.  

The answer? 

Not much.  

The wall has got a bit more tatty, has been re-graffiti'd and painted over a few times - as all suitably shabby urban features ought to - but the stylish cyclists are still there, rolling by all year round.  With the light bouncing off the white wall behind them, as they coast down the gentle incline of the street, these passing people on bikes help to create a perfect little glimpse of how cycling in London really ought to be; laid back, leisurely and good looking.  

October 2012

March 2012

May 2010

Broadway Market
Broadway Market
February 2010

Cities change and streets evolve; the wall may not still be there in another four years, but one thing is for certain - you can bet that the cyclists will be.

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Mark S said...

Great pictures, they really do capture the ease of access/use part of cycling. It also just goes to show you don't always need to be clad in a helmet, hi-viz and lycra to simply get around. I often wonder at some of the machines I see people on and am quite grateful myself that bikes are so forgiving (to a point!) with regards to being cared for - I've seen people with rusted chains and wonky wheels that are STILL able to get around. Even as I sit in my office overlooking Millbank I can see massive tailbacks which aren't a problem when you're on 2 wheels - the bike really is the ideal method of personal urban transport.

Sandy said...

Terrific! Ordinary people that happen to be on bikes. No helmets and no hi-viz. Perfect!