Hold your breath, it's a ride around London like you've never seen before!

Cutting edge and cookey promotional videos are ten a penny these days, all hoping to have that certain quality which makes them go viral.  So when I nonchalantly clicked on a link via Twitter saying how TOTES ZOMG the following video was, I didn't have high hopes.  How wrong I was.

What happens when you take a handful of trial riders and freerunners and set them loose on a Boris Bike in central London?  This, that's what:

There's a lovely cameo from bike fix supremos London Bike Kitchen at the start, and aspects and angles of Regent Street, Oxford Circus and Trafalgar Square that will boggle your mind.  (Who even thought it would be possible to bunny hop a bike up and down on top of the lions at the foot of Nelson's Column?!)  This being London - and full of Londoners - no one bats an eyelid as someone rides a Boris Bike along the hand rail of a bridge across the Thames.

All this urban street jumping japery has a purpose, of course, and that is to promote something.  In this case it is for a new social media website called FightMe which, so far as this old fool could tell, was a repository for Nathan Barley types doing daft things with iPhones likely to come back and haunt them at later stages in their career.  But never mind all that, just enjoy the energy and skill of these incredible riders and their adventures in our city!

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Jane said...

Sounds great but I think you have lost the link to the video

ibikelondon said...

Hi Jane, I think there was a temporary Youtube outage because the video is back. Enjoy!