It's all about the cycle chic, baby!

The blogosphere is buzzing with blogs about bikes these days - it seems there's a definite move to get the message out there that going by 2 wheels is a good thing. Of course, there's more than a fair share of sports blogs and sales orientated cycling websites trying to make bikes out to be the reserve of semi-gods of athleticism loaded with cash ready to buy the best kit around. But that's not, in my honest opinion, what day to day cycling is all about, and neither is it going to appeal to 'Ordinary Joe' and encourage him or her to get on their bike in the future.

The radient and lovely Olympic champion Victoria Pendleton besides her Pashley Poppy

Two blogs I love to waste my lunch hour perusing are London Cycle Chic and Copenhagen Cycle Chic - loaded with pictures of bright young things getting about on their two wheeled steeds and not an inch of lycra in sight. Exactly how things ought to be. Can't you see yourself looking as cool as some of these kids out on your bike? Incidentally, Copenhagen Cycle Chic is brought to us by the same people behind the always-fabulous and ever-stimulating - anyone with more than a passing interest in the place of the bicycle in the modern world should take a look.

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