101 reasons to love cycling in London #1 - savings!

The first of hopefully many of my reasons to love cycling in London - saving money!  It's not the primary reason why I love to get on my bike every morning but hey, we live in tight times and it's good to be economically conscious.  By my calculations my return tube fair (Bethnal Green to Mayfair & back) comes to £4.40 a day with an Oyster card (more without one, and more if I go anywhere after work on the public transport system.)  As such, if I cycle for all work days at 227 days a year (5 days a week, plus 25 days paid holiday) instead of taking my usual route on the tube I'm making a massive saving of NINE HUNDRED & NINETY EIGHT POUNDS a year.  That's cash in the bank, cold stuff, readies, dough, moolah, cash.  Need I say more?

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