"Cyclists Are A Menace", and 500 lovely visitors!

Courtesy of the lovely people at the CTC, the better half and I are off to a debate hosted by right-of-centre political mag The Spectator in London on Monday evening.  The debate has attracted some fairly heavy-hitting commentators including Andrew Neil, former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone, Baroness Sharples and Andrew Gilligan, an infamous journalist here in the UK and a daily cyclist.  The Spectator has always been seen as a testing ground for Conservative Party policy and politicians - indeed our present Mayor, Conservative Boris Johnson is just one of the magazine's former editors, so it'll be interesting to see whether our probable next Government loves us cyclists or, beneath a veneer of cycling publicity, can't actually wait to get us off the roads.  I'll be live blogging the whole debate via my Twitter feed (Follow here: markbikeslondon) from 6PM on Monday evening - so tune in to find out.

In other news, it's just two months since i b i k e l o n d o n  took to the blogosphere and started giving you the news and views on ordinary and everyday cycling in London.  In that brief time I've had over 500 visitors from 31 different countries, including places as far afield and exotic as Serbia, Malaysia, Peru and, erm, Cornwall to name just a few.  A huge response to start off and totally unexpected so a big thank you to everyone for tuning in, for your comments and responses and for your time - do spread the word about the blog and keep coming back - I have big plans and intend to be here for a long while yet!



anna said...

Yeah, hope you're here for a while. It's really a nice blog with lovely ideas (the 101 reasons to love cycling, youbikelondon etc.). Like to read it!

Karl McCracken (twitter: @karlonsea) said...

Ditto - the 101 reasons to love cycling is one of those that I just which I'd thought of first!