Join The Wave by bike in London this weekend - COP 15 demo

I'm sure all you lovely astute people won't have helped but notice that the COP 15 Climate Change conference takes place in Copenhagen next week and that it is really quite a substantial global event.  Indeed, even Mikael from Copenhagenize is getting quite excited about it.  There are events happening all over the world hoping to apply pressure on our global leaders to ensure they deliver at the conference, and of course London is right on in there in the thick of it.

Our friends at the London Cycling Campaign, are planning a network of assisted group rides from across the city so that you can all pedal in together to join the demonstration on Saturday.  And it seems you'll be in good company too - Crap Cycling and Walking in Waltham Forest will be there, so too it seems will the Bishop Of Swindon , which is nice.
I'll be there on foot as Better Half is tagging along, but hope to see many of you from the blogosphere there in person.  My advice would be to wrap up really warm - don't expect a bike race; this will be a slow-moving demo (they are expecting an awful lot of people ) and your feet WILL get cold - my top tip for any mass demonstration - pack your sandwiches to avoid the shame of having to cue up with other red-faced protestors at Macdonalds or Starbucks for lunch - it really doesn't help the cause you know.

Saturday 5 December sees many LCC local groups organising guided rides to join the Wave demonstration in central London supporting climate change action at the UN summit in Copenhagen.
There's also a ride from Lincoln's Inn Fields in central London, departing at 10am.
Advice for riders:
  • check your bike is roadworthy
  • bring lights
  • wrap up warm
  • wear blue
The rides will arrive in Grosvenor Square in time for the midday march, and all participants are asked to wear blue, for what organisers hope will be one of the largest street demonstrations in UK history.
So far, LCC led rides have been confirmed from...

11am meet Hampstead Theatre, Swiss Cottage for
11:30am departure

9.45am depart Cutty Sark Gardens
10.30am meet Southwark Cyclists at the Needle, London Bridge

11am depart Highbury Fields

10.15am meet Hackney Town Hall, Mare Street, E8 1EA
am depart for central London


midday, depart from behind Streatham Hill station (off Drewstead Road)
12.30pm Acre Lane by Lambeth Town Hall, Brixton
1pm Clapham Common bandstand

11am Clock Tower, Lewisham town centre
(organised by councillor Pete Pattisson)

10.15am meet Wimbledon Station forecourt
10.30am depart

9.30am depart Dulwich Park Cafe 
10.30am Southwark Needle

Tower Hamlets
9am depart top of the Green Bridge, Mile End Park
Lincoln's Inn

Midday meet Tooting Bec Athletics Track, Tooting Graveney Common, free bike checks by Dr Bike
12.30pm depart
12.40pm Balham, north side of Tooting Bec Common
1pm Clapham Common bandstand
Secure bike parking at Walnut Tree Walk school, Fitzalan Street, SE11
4.30pm Return ride from Walnut Tree Walk school


ibikelondon said...

A group called Climate Chains are cycling to The Wave from all across the UK - the blog for the cyclists from Bradford can be found here:
And the 50 or so cyclists coming from Bristol can be found here:

Anonymous said...

also check out the video on climate chains at

ibikelondon said...

Hmmm... hello anonymous poster. My link was to an organisation in the UK called Climate Chains (as in bicycle chains) which is cycling to London to join the COP15 demo this Saturday.

Your link leads to an 'organisation' in America called Climate Chains which claims that the US adopting 'green' legislation will lead to the loss of billions of jobs, trillions of dollars in business revenue and that environmentalists killed 30 million children with DDT and refuse to believe you are wrong.

To paraphrase Al Gore in An Inconvenient Truth: "Hmmmm. Hmmmm."

Fascinating video, thanks for stopping by, shame you didn't read what my original post was about. (when I say fascinating I mean fascinating as in "I know I shouldn't slow down to see the car crash but I just can't help myself", or fascinating as in "You think the biggest threat to global stability is the environmental movement, not environmental catastrophe" fascinating.)

Truly, truly, terrifying.
Could it be that your (obviously well funded) nonsense could be partly responsible for the fact that less than 1% of peer reviewing scientists have NO DOUBT that man made climate change is a threat to humanity but more than 50% of the general public do not? Shame on you.