London cyclists - London Fields, Hackney

Here's a selection of photos taken recently in London Fields park in Hackney, at the cross roads of two shared pedestrian / cyclist paths. It was the first dry, sunny(ish) day we'd had in weeks and it seems everyone was out making the most of it, enjoying the dry and the sun on the autumn leaves (most of which are on the ground by now!).  I love the first photo because the couple make such a perfect pair - they were even pedaling in unison.  The lady in the second photo was cycling and eating a cake at the same time, an activity we don't reccomend here at i b i k e l o n d o n, but hey, when hunger strikes, what you gonna do?  The guy on the black Dutch bike looks so effortless and relaxed and his posture is so comfortable - I've got to get me a 'sit up and beg' - I am convinced that this is the best way to be for city cycling.


It's good to see other cyclists around and really re-iterates the points I made in my previous post 'The Public face of cycling?' , and helps to show cycling as the everyday and ordinary activity that it is.

P.S  Clicking on the images should take you to my new Flickr stream where you'll find most of my cycling photos - they're subject to a limited creative commons license which means if you want (and you're not making any money off the back of it) you can do whatever you like with my pictures - enjoy!

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