Cycle snaps in winter sun and grey

They're a diverse lot, those London cyclists....


Christa said...

The bike + gas/petrol station photo is surreal. The delicate Dutch bicycle set in opposition to the petrol world. I love it!

The bike lane looks so small. They should design them so that at least two friends can cycle side-by-side.

Random: Did you see this Burberry advert - Still one of my favorite cycle chic photos. :)

ibikelondon said...

Hey Christa the bike in front of the Texaco garage was a real gift - unfortunately I was rushing to get somewhere else I'd have stopped and tried to get a decent quality photo.

The tiny little cycle lane you see in the second picture is in fact one of the very few segregated bicycle lanes London has - and you are right, it is far far too narrow! By minimum standards it should be a metre and a half wide in each direction. This summer it is going to be painted bright blue and become one of London's first 'cycle superhighways' which I think is more a marketing exercise rather than a super cycle lane for sure.

Anne said...

That shadow shot is LOVELY!

I'm full of admiration for the fact that you actually allow time on your morning commute to take photos. I'm always rushing and barely on time. It's a real treat to see everyday bike-riders in such a faraway (and favorite) city!

Christa said...

Mark, you mean the 'cycle superhighway' isn't going to be the size of a 6 lane highway? Shocked.

It does sound pretty cool though. I was impressed with London when I first heard of the concept.

At least there's some infrastructure. Can't get everything you want... quickly.

Regarding the photo, I think it's quite artistic just the way it is.

EatPlayLove said...

I was just in town last week and very impressed by the number of folks I saw braving the elements on their bicycles. I took some nice shots as well. Beautiful city you live in, I miss it already.