Cycling video round up

There are loads of videos out there at the moment on our favourite subject...

Let's start in one of my favourite cycling cities, Amsterdam, where someone has decided to express their love for cycling culture in the city through the medium of, um.. ...rap!  It's not as naff as it sounds and I enjoyed it.  The moment at 3 minutes 30seconds where the girl runs behind the back of the bike and jumps on the pannier rack is pure Holland in my eyes: I once tried to do this in front of a crowded street cafe and failed miserably, ending up sprawled across the road and being laughed at.  I can't reccomend it highly enough(!)

As most of you know by now London is at last about to launch it's very own bike hire scheme.  From July 30th some 6000 hire bikes will be available for free short rentals around the city and I for one can't wait for this addition to the streetscape.  Here's a video from Transport for London on how the whole scheme works (see if you can't spot a little animated cameo from our cycling Mayor near the end):

Lastly, Camden Council have produced this thoughtful little film about the danger posed by heavy goods vehicles to cyclists in London.  I like the fact that the messages are quite clear; that we all need to look out for one another, that a cyclist will always come off worse in an accident and that cyclists should avoid the 'danger zone' on the inside of lorries for the sake of self preservation.  It's great at least that Councils are taking steps to address this problem.  What do you think?


ifuller1 said...

Hi Mark - I can't DM you on twitter as your not following me. Wanted to show you It's an android app I've been working on for the cycle hire scheme. Hoping you might look at it. I'm putting it together in my spare time so it's of limit features at the moment but I wanted to make sure something was available for the plethora of android devices coming out. If it looks like there's some interest I'll add A to B route planning (including rack hoping - keeping the users route free!).

Anyway, take a loot at the screens and let me know if you want more info.



ifuller1 said...

p.s. That's rack hopping!

Anne said...

Wow! If the cycle hire scheme works even half as well as that video suggests, I want one in my town. It looks fantastic.

Mark said...

Let's hope so Anne, everyone has everything crossed and hoping it goes well when it launces on 30th July!

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