Snapped! Mozambique Bike Culture

It's not just in Europe and North America that people are going crazy about the possibilities for bikes in the urban environment.  Indeed, I often think that there is the most potential for a cycling renaissance in the developing world, if those countries can build good bike infrastructure at the same time as they expand their road networks.

So today we're off to Maputo in Mozambique to experience a little bit of cycle chic, African style!

Check out Mozambique Bike Culture!


David Hembrow said...

"Going crazy about the possibilities for bikes," or simply can't (yet) afford cars ? People used to say very similar things about China, but look how it is now.

Apart from the opportunity to see a few pretty pictures (which is all that "cycle chic" is, after all), I don't think it's very helpful to look at places where economic effects cause driving to be prohibitively expensive. Britain won't achieve a high cycling rate by copying anything from Mozambique.

The Netherlands has achieved the world's highest cycling rate in a rich western country. They have done this by making cycling attractive to people who can very easily afford cars, but may not bother to own or use one. This is more relevant to the UK.

Mark said...

A fair and interesting point, David. I highlight the blog from Mozambique simply because I find it fascinating to see how cyclists ride all around the world, and the challenges they face in doing so. I'm fully aware of the terrible situation in China, which is why it's all the more important to raise awareness of those who are cycling in emerging car cultures: with the road bulding lobby's eyes fixed firmly on the third and developing world it is imperative that these countries are not allowed to make the same mistakes that Britain, America and much of Europe made in the 50s, 60s, 70s and on...