Streetfilms on London: one street at a time

No time to blog much at the moment as I'm busy with a hundred different things (sorry!), but I wanted to share this great little film from Streetfilms with you about traffic calming in our own home town of London!

It might not at first seem to be immediately about cycling per se, but when you consider Monday's post about the importance of 20mph streets and think about how we are going to tame the motor car without throwing it out all together, schemes like this become immediately apparent as being vital to the success of creating a walkable and rideable environment...

Do you encounter traffic calming schemes like this where you ride?  What about where you live and work?  Is the car king or has it been tamed?  Is 'intelligent street design' like this a positive, or just likely to create more traffic jams?  Lastly, what would you like to see on your streets?

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Anonymous said...

I can't agree that The Cut is a nice place to spend time: it's used constantly as a cut-through (no pun intended) by hordes of black cabs and other motor vehicles.

This street is prime candidate to be pedestrianised entirely, or at least made access only, which would slash the number of cars passing through.

I'm afraid It'll take more than a few hanging baskets to get me to sit outside and listen to the drone and smell the stench of diesel engines all day.