Your packed week of cycling events ahead...

Summer is here and that means the cycling social calendar is stepping up a gear... Here's a round-up of some of the many cycling events, big and small, taking place in the capital over the following week...

Blackfriars vote
London Assemble, City Hall - Wednesday 8th June

Cyclists and pedestrians alike will watch in anticipation as the London Assembly votes to support the retention the 20mph speed limit on Blackfriars Bridge.  Not signed your support for the motion yet? Do it now at the London Cycling Campaign website.

London: World Naked Bike Ride - 5 of 5

World Naked Bike Ride London
Saturday 11th June - 3PM, Hyde Park

Look out London, here come a thousand naked people on bikes!  It's an annual tradition on the London cycling calendar and all kinds of cyclists, young, old, big, small strip off to ride their bikes for a leisurely 7 mile spin through the city. Some say it's about oil dependance, others about road safety.  Some just go 'cos they like to feel the wind in all of their hair, and its certainly a unique experience!  If you've not been before don't be put off by the slightly daunting gaggle of photographers at the start (you can always keep your clobber on until you get going), but a happy, welcoming chilled-out clothes-free vibe is guaranteed.  And it's one to tell the Grandchildren about when you're old and wrinkly, after all...  Riders gather in Hyde Park from 3PM, full details on the website (contains nudity!), and don't forget your sunscreen!

Smithfield Nocturne
Saturday 11th June - 16:00 to 22.30

It's one of my favourite cycling events of the year, and the 5th Annual Smithfield Nocturne promises to be a scorcher...  Penny Farthing races, longest skid competitions, roller rig racing, clash of the Bromptons in the folding bike sprint, and of course some seriously competitive professional cycling all "up close and personal" on the streets around Smithfield Meat Market on a closed night time track.  Arrive early to guarantee a spot to lock your bike, bring some beers with you, catch up with cycling friends and have a jolly good time.  Extra points for banging the crowd barriers and shouting "Allez! Allez!" as the riders pass.  Or maybe that's just me?  The full schedule for the evening, plus lists of the professional race line up is all on the IG Markets Nocturne website.


London Night Bike Hike
Saturday 11th June, over night to Sunday 12th June

As you wobble perilously home from Smithfield, do keep your eyes peeled for a couple of hundred fool-hardy souls taking part in the London Night Bike Hike; the 'Nightrider'.  Setting off from Crystal Palace late on Saturday night the riders will complete a 100km circular tour taking in some of central London's most famous sites across zombie apocalypse-style deserted streets at 3AM.  Do give these charity fundraising riders a cheer if you see them! Places for next year's ride are already filling up fast.

Tour de Dalston and Cycle Sunday
Sunday 12th June - all afternoon

The Two Degrees Festival at Toynbee Studios offers bicycle riding bingo, bike-led graffiti tours of East London, pimp my bike and rider training sessions as part of Sunday's festival programme, culminating in the 'Tour de Dalston', a family-friendly bike ride connecting neighbourhoods and celebrating bicycles and camaraderie.  Le Tour leaves Toynbee Studios at 6PM and winds its way to the Curve Gardens in Dalston; follow @TourdeDalston on Twitter for updates and leave your EPO at home!  Check out the Two Degrees website for full details and a downloadable programme.

Open Garden Weekend Bike Rides
Saturday and Sunday, 11th and 12th June 

If two-wheeled nudity or a ride around the East End aint your thing, how about a more leisurely afternoon visiting some of London's most beautiful private gardens by bike?  Open Gardens Weekend sees the doors thrown open to the public at 100s of gardens, courtyards and private squares which are usually private.  The LCC will be leading two different guided rides, on Saturday and Sunday, taking in some of these secret gardens.  Always wanted to know what's the other side of that privet hedge?  Saddle up to find out; full details on the website here.

And if all that's not enough for you, the 4th Street Talk, on making perfect streets, is coming up on the 14th June and national Bike Week starts on the 18th with a tonne of events in and around London.

So, what are you waiting for?  Gather together your friends and families and get on your bikes and ride!

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