From Amsterdam to London; exploring bicycle networks with This Big City blog

Over at This Big City blog author Joe Peach has been doing an amazing job of examining the role of bicycle networks in sustainable communities.  From the perfect density of the city of Amsterdam to the stalled attempts by our own fair London, his writing explores the good and bad of attempts to build cycling infrastructure and the benefits it can bring.


There's always plenty of food for thought on This Big City but the current run of articles on bicycle networks are worth sharing here; each post is perfect lunch time reading and anything that gets us discussing the role of the humble bicycle in our cities gets a big tick in my books!


So, make yourself a cup of tea, draw up your chair and enjoy the following posts:

One:  Urban Bicycle Networks and Sustainable Communities

Two:  What makes a Sustainable Community?

Three:  Do Urban Bicycle Networks get more people cycling?

Four:  Local Economic Implications of Bicycle Networks

Five:  Urban Bicycle Networks and an Improved Sense of Place

Six:  Environmental Sustainability; 3 reasons why bicycles are great for cities

Seven:  Transport opportunities for all - the potential of bicycle networks

Eight:  Sustainable Communities and Amsterdam's Bicycle Network

Nine:  How Amsterdam's urban form created the ideal cycling city

Ten:  Amsterdam - no magic pill but still a world-beater

Eleven:  How London tried (and failed) to become a cycling city

Twelve:  Mixed success as London rethinks its bicycle networks

Thirteen:  London's bicycle network; good for commuters bad for communities

And if all that reading doesn't sate your appetite, This Big City's bicycle network series continues till November 27th so there's more to come.  Enjoy!

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