Welcome one and all, to this my new blog on cycling in London "ibikelondon"!

I'm Mark, your host, and usually cycle to work every day from Bethnal Green in the East End to Mayfair in the city centre.  I don't wear lycra, I usually stop at red lights and I consider myself, like most cyclists, to not be 'unusual' in any way.  As such, I thought I'd set up this blog to share some of my experiences as a relatively new cyclist in London, to share some of the issues affecting cyclists here, and to give space to discussion to all those who are interested - and, not least, to show that cycling is a normal everyday activity that anyone can do if they wish.

If you have a story that you think deserves to be up here, please do get in touch.  If you're posting a comment just remember that sometimes (like cyclists and taxi drivers) we don't all agree but everyone is happier when the tone is civil!

Happy cycling!


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MELI. said...

sweet! thanks for stopping by to our other-side-of the pond blog ;)
ride on, baby!!