y o u b i k e l o n d o n; Sarah from Shoreditch

Name and age?
Sarah, and I'm 28 years old
Where do you live and ride?
I live and work in Shoreditch and ride around there, to friend's houses, to the shops, out and about.
What do your ride?
It's a Bianchi.
How often do you ride a week?
Usually every other day or so, thereabouts.  Some times more... some times less.
Helmet or no helmet?
I was a 'no helmet' rider, but then I got hit by a car.  Now I ride with a helmet.

What's your primary reason for cycling?
'cos it's fun and it's faster and cheaper than public transport: save money, have fun!
Least favourite aspect of cycling?
Most favourite aspect of cycling?
Just, you know, getting out there in the sunshine and riding.
What advice would you give to an aspiring cyclist thinking of cycling in London for the first time?
Don't be scared!  Oh, and do yourself a favour and get some decent lights.
What could be done to improve the lot of the London cyclist?
I think they should take motorbikes out of the bus lanes again to make things better, and you know how they have cyclist-only phases on traffic lights in other countries?  They should have that in London too, there are certainly enough cyclists now and I think it would make junctions much better.


Freedom Cyclist said...

I can't get to this post!
i b i k e l o n d o n
101 reasons to love cycling in London #23 - get in touch with nature

...hate to miss out on any of your stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

Good point on the 'advance signals for bikes' I forgot that the UK doesn't have them, but they are useful.