y o u b i k e l o n d o n; Sam from Elephant & Castle

Name and age?
Sam and I'm 28 years old.
Where do you live / ride to?
Elephant and I ride all around.
What do you ride?
A Marin Redwood 12 speed
How often do you ride?
Every day!
Helmet or no helmet?
Helmet, I wear it on the main roads, but I don't wear it when I'm just pootling.
What's your primary reason for cycling?
It's cheap, liberating, I can go where I want when I want!
Least favourite aspect of cycling?
Bus sandwiches.
Most favourite aspect of cycling?
Taking a different route to work every day.  And high-5ing people hailing cabs.
What advice would you give to an aspiring cyclist thinking of riding in London for the first time?
Go to your destination with a friend who is a bit more confident the first time you go; don't be afraid to buddy up.

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