Mark Ronson: The Bike Song

I just had to share this with you all having watched this clip yesterday and then not being able to get the song out of my head ever since (you have been warned!)  Needless to say this is just the kind of cycling image I approve of (and I kind of like the idea of a gang of living bikes that can chase off thieves!)  Anything that makes cycling look everyday, ordinary or dare I say it, even cool, gets a big tick from me. (And who wouldn't think that twins on a tandem weren't cool?!)

Those of you logging in from London may well recognise the streets of SE1 in the video; much of it was filmed in Snowsfield just south of the river.  And you may well indeed recognise some of the bikes, provided as they were (as I understand it) by willing volunteers from London Fixed Gear and Single Speed forum and the good people at the fabulous Bobbin Bicycles.

Ride your bike until you get home!

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its here!