"Copenhagen: City of Bicycles" book competition!

We came over all excited here at i b i k e l o n d o n towers this week when a freshly printed book dropped on our doormat all the way from sunny Denmark.  "Copenhagen; City of Bicycles" by Cecilia Vanman charts all things two-wheeled about this famous cycling city and we've got a free copy to give away to one of you, lucky dear readers!

Cecilia's text (in English and Danish throughout) is accompanied by beautiful images of the city and it's cycling inhabitants charting the diversity that mass cycling represents.  From beautiful girls on sit up and begs to the hippy bike builders of Christiana; from Mums with their kids (and dogs!) in cargo bikes to Copenhagen's bicycle couriers and their predecessors from yesteryear, the smartly dressed "Swayers" who used to keep the city moving.  The book also covers in detail how Copenhagen became a cycling city and the interventions made to make life easier for those who choose two wheels.  The work of Jan Gehl features strongly of course, and there's a dapper photo and some choice words from the face that launched a 1000 bike blogs Mikael Colville-Andersen of Copenhagenize and Copenhagen Cycle Chic.  There are chapters too, dedicated to the bicycle brands, builders and workshops of Denmark, customized bikes and bikes from which business is conducted such as Copenhagen's beach-side Ice Cream bikes and more on the streets of CPH at night alight with the gentle flicker of dynamo-driven bike lights.  Everything you'd expect to find in a thriving bicycle culture and more.

More than anything this book celebrates the joy that a cyclised city presents and shows the day to day moments of happiness the simple act of riding a bike to school, to the office, down to the shops or just around town can bring.  More important still it tells the story of the battle for Copenhagen's cycle lanes and the history of what was done at street level to ensure cycling was a viable form of transport for all - something our own urban planners and cycle campaigns would do well to take note of!  As author Cecilia says "We Danes often take the bicycle and the ease with which we can use it for granted.  But whenever we stop to think about it, we have only praise for the bicycle.  To be able to get in the saddle and ride along with wind in our hair gives us an extraordinary sense of freedom, one we would find it most difficult to be without."

All in all I'd thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in different bicycle styles and makes, or in how to make a city bike-friendly.  Fans of photography will find plenty to appease the eye and there is enough here to keep all arm-chair travellers happy.  Who knows, maybe it will inspire you to visit this wonderful Danish city in person?  A great coffee table book and of course Christmas is coming up, maybe you know someone who'd like a copy for themselves?

You can visit the Copenhagen City of Bicycle website to find out more about the book here, the publisher is Nyt Nordisk Forlag and it's available to order online from Arnold's Books for £35 here.

To win a copy for yourself courtesy of i b i k e l o n d o n just enter your details below to be entered in to our prize draw.  As always we will keep your personal details secure and will not share them with anyone else.  You have till midnight on Tuesday to enter - good luck!

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Sirius7dk said...

Nice to hear about the book, it does look interesting :)

Just one comment, the name of the online book shop is Arnold Busck and not Arnold Books. Busck is a surname, the Danish word for books is "b√łger " :)

Rasmus Jensen

ibikelondon said...

Thanks for letting me know! Danish is clearly not my strong point...!

Freedom Cyclist said...

Looks fabulous! - should get one for our PM's coffee table!

ibikelondon said...

Love your idea Sue, maybe the publisher should send complimentary copies to all the leaders of countries with 'emerging bicycle culture'!

Alex said...

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