City of London cyclists: we're off!

Those of your who tuned in on Monday will know I have grave concerns about the City of London's plans for cycling and the tiny amount of budget they intended to allocate over the next three financial years.

Well, the City has finally published it's plans and they're now open for consultation.  The time has come for you all to pick up your quills and have carrier pigeons at the ready in order to get in touch with those good folk at the Corporation and to let them know what you think.

Of course, the easy option is to write in and moan about how crap they are, but the better option would be to tell them where they should be spending the cash, why, and what a good thing it would be.  Not just for cyclists, but for those who would like to cycle, for those who walk around the City, for all the people who would like to be able to move about in a better way but are currently constrained by the status quo.  If that's not a big deal, I don't know what it is.

Cyclists in the City have penned a draft letter to get you inspired, but don't forget to add your own experience, ideas, and support - if you want better bike parking, now is the time to say why.  If you dream of Copenhagenizing London, tell them why and how.

If it's going to be, it's got to be me.

So go on already, get going, hop on over to Cyclists in the City now!

Felling sufficiently revved up?  Here's a little video from Streetfilms about Copenhagen to give you a taste of what were all fighting for here;

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Jim said...

Hi Mark,

While you're at it, can I suggest you encourage people to respond to Southwark Council's consultation on its new Transport Plan? This page has a short survey people can fill out as well as the full 200-page draft plan itself.

I haven't read it all yet, but initial impressions are that although overall their intentions seem good (promoting sustainable travel choices, 20mph speed limits nearly everywhere, etc), it seems a bit short on implementation, and the target for cycling modal share (6% of trips by 2026) really isn't very ambitious. So it would be great to get lots of cyclists writing in to ask for more.



ndru said...

Glad you are mentioning it. I've already mailed all my cycling and non cycling colleagues.

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