ibikelondon takes to the airwaves!

Following my post on Eric "Rubber Knickers" Pickles and Jan Gehl and their very different approaches to cycling on Monday, I was invited on to The Bike Show, broadcast on London's arts radio station Resonance FM.  It was great to catch up with Jack Thurston, the show's steadfast and dedicated presenter / producer and we chewed the fat over liveable cities, cycling provision, Boris Johnson and the highs and lows of bike blogging.

You can listen again, via the Bike Show's website, right here.  If you're not a regular listener, I urge you to tune in!

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Anne said...

Congrats on a really good interview! I enjoyed hearing your voice.

Boy, that Pickles guy did NOT answer your question, did he? It was interesting to hear the actual recording and realize just how very sound-bitey and rather snide his [non]response was.

ibikelondon said...

Thanks Anne. Yep - he REALLY wanted to avoid giving us a straight answer... All part and parcel of it, I guess.