Onward and upwards!

So it would seem it is not just me who has had a busy year and is raring to go in to 2011 - since the Christmas break some of my favourite bike bloggers have been firing on all cylinders too.  Here's a round-up for your weekend reading pleasure:

Cyclists in the City

Since launching last year, Cyclists in the City - the blog about cycling in the City of London - has gone from strength to strength.  And if you live, work, or ride a bike through the City you'd do well to read up on the Corporation of London's plans to change the layout of it's roads, how this could effect you as a cyclist, and how you can easily get involved to change things for the better.  It's not for nothing that Dave Hill of the Guardian recently picked this as one of his top London blogs - well researched and persuasively argued stuff like this makes all our riding days better.  Who knows, if you get involved now maybe they really will achieve 10% modal share for bikes in the next 10 years...  I urge you to read on.


Lo Fidelity Bicycle Club

I wrote about blogger Jim's plans to create a new cycle campaign here in the UK just before Christmas.  Since then he's starting to lay foundations for his plans, and upset a few embedded campaigners along the way.  That's what happens when you abandon Hierarchy of Provision as a campaigning strategy, apparently.  He's also brought himself a beautiful new Dutch bike and is having himself a lot of fun.  His recent post, the Anti-Cycle Campaigning Cycling Campaign is a thought provoking read. Chapeau, Jim!

Guardian Bike Blog, London Cyclist

Seasoned cycling Guardian journo and former cycle path doubter Matt Seaton meets with New York City traffic commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan and takes a look at the radical (and successful) measures NYC is taking to ensure its city cyclists feel safe.  Matt is suitable impressed and admits to being won over.  Meanwhile, Andreas from London Cyclist is astounded by the efforts put in by the Canadian city of Montreal where cycling levels have jumped 40% in just two years (with the help of some proper cycling infrastructure)

Anyone spotting an emerging trend here?

At War With the Motorist goes over, well, the so-called war on the motorist (who knew Transport Secretary Phillip Hammond would become such a minor blogging celebrity?) and Charlotte, aka the Bicycle Slut finally received her trophy (and ENORMOUS cake!) for winning the Knutsford Great Race back in the summer.  Check out the wild and slightly stomach turning photos of Penny Farthing racing here.  Charlotte; you're clearly mad.  I salute you!  Meanwhile, your favourite blog writer (that's me, by the way) continues his new guest residence at London Cycle Chic - see you on the well dressed other side!


Lastly, and with a wry smile, 'Iamnotacyclist' is all about, well, his bike just recently. But then he did get a Workcycles Bakfiets cargo bike from Amsterdam that has enough room on board for his kids, a week's shopping and a whole lot of fun.  Jealous? Much? Me?

And back in the real world, for those of you who follow London politics, you can talk transport (that's bicycles to the likes of you and me) with the boisterous bike riding Mayor of London Boris Johnson next week at a free Q&A session.  I've already ordered my tickets, you can get yours here.

Have a great weekend everyone, what are your cycling plans?

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Kim said...

Plan for the weekend? Thinking about the next post of the cycling related part of my blog and if the snow isn't too deep maybe riding my bicycle ;-)

Andreas said...

Thanks for the mention Mark!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention young man! I'm looking forward to coming up to London on the 29th.

As I used to commute from Morden to Camden High Street, I might get off the train at East Croydon and do it again seeing as the new Cycle Superhighway should line most of it now.

My blog post has certainly ruffled a few feathers but I think you have to. Anything that gets the debate moving. I think Freewheeler also wound someone up!

All the best and I shall get the Agenda up for the meeting shortly so we can agree it and get preparing.

All the best


PS I used to smoke but now only occasionally when I'm having a drink socially (my brain still thinks the two are intrinsically linked). Good luck in that quest. You'll be able to buy a whole fleet of cargo bikes with the savings!

ibikelondon said...

@Kim Good luck with the snow! Now we've moved on to torrential rain down south I rather wish the snow would come back again!

@Andreas - you're welcome, as always.

@Jim Thanks for the kind words regarding the smoking - where there is a will there's a way. I'll drop you a line regarding the first meeting of the UK Cycling Embassy here in London on the 29th but hopefully lots of Londoners will be there to get involved. Ruffling feathers is no bad thing so long as no one is personally abusive; if everything is up for debate we should all expect our POVs to be challenged and that's a good thing indeed.

Onwards and upwards!

MELI. said...

excellent links and mentions here, thx for sharing.
and that bike pile photo is wicked!
my plans for this year are to bike more, continue bike advocacy+involvement and continue my fond love of my golden state and its awesome things that it offers. xxomeli