Another cyclist / lorry death and why your help is needed

A male cyclist in his 20s died in Homerton Hospital, Hackney, yesterday (Friday 4th Feb) after being struck by a left turning lorry on the Kingsland Road / Dalston Junction on Wednesday. (source)

Two years ago today (February 5th) Eilidh Cairns was killed by a truck as she cycled through a junction at Notting Hill.

Today, Eilidh's sister Kate Cairns is asking for cyclist's help in order to pass a written declaration at the EU to fit all heavy goods vehicles in Europe with side sensors and cameras in order to eliminate their blind spots.  A  number of MEPs have signed up to the motion, but many more are needed before it expires in two weeks time;

The whole process will take no more than two or three minutes of your time using an automated form, and it might just make a difference.

Most of the London MEPs have signed, so if you have a family address outside of the city I'd encourage you to use that.

Thank you for your help, and please ride safe.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That's awful news about the male cyclist.

I passed by Eilidh's memorial bike today. Lots of flowers. I had no idea it was the anniversary of her passing.
It really stops you in your tracks when you see it.
Maybe more visual reminders are needed to make road users think twice.