Video: How are we Inviting Cycling?

Two weeks ago I was invited to speak at the Kensington & Chelsea Cycling Forum - an annual event for cyclists and cycle campaigners in the borough.  It was fantastic to meet some new faces and catch up with some more familiar ones.

My presentation was about creating conditions that are 'inviting for cycling for all', working on the basis that we've created conditions that are inviting for mass motoring with great success, and just need to replicate those efforts for people on bikes.

Hopefully some of the ideas within it will help to stimulate discussion about what we can all do to bring about more cycling, so I thought I'd share it with you all on here.

Apologies about the terrible sound quality - you'll notice it changes halfway through because I had to use two different sound sources - sorry about that, but hopefully you get the idea!

It was a real pleasure to speak at a borough which is so switched on when it comes to the role of the bike in our city - their town hall has it's own bike hire stand, and this was the Borough which brought us the fantastic RoadHug and Like Riding a Bike projects.

Away from the blog I speak to local groups, companies and organisations on cycling, cycling infrastructure and showing how anyone can build a bike in to their daily life - if you're interested in hosting a similar event please do get in touch with me via my About Me page.

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gone said...

I love Kensington in that respect - anyone who thinks taking road space away from cars in commercial areas should head to Kensington High Street to see how they've built bicycle parking into the traffic islands, and along the wide pavements, and how busy all of that parking always is.
As a result I stop there loads on my way to and from places, and I always end up spending more than I intended because I can just hop off and lock up whenever something catches my eye.
Hang on, maybe that's not such a good thing after all...

ibikelondon said...

Good for Kensington, maybe not so good for Sam's wallet!

ndru said...

Mark, what an excellent job comparing swimming to cycling. You hit the nail on the head. You are asking very important questions and putting out good ideas, the best one to be honest is "copy the successful ones"!

christhebull said...

Absolutely agree regarding "inviting driving" - what the more hardline ve-hicular cyclists need to realise is that some road users with big powerful vehicles (so not cyclists, moped riders, horse riders) already have very high quality segregated infrastructure known as motorways. They encourage driving because they are fast, direct, well connected, and have a high capacity; whereas our own "Cycle Superhighways" run through bus stops, and our National Cycle network is like the road network in the Sahel. But Paris-Dakar rally commute conditions are OK on a BSO "mountain bike" no?

Adam said...

Really like the swimming comparison. Good talk. Thanks for recording it.

Patrick said...

Great presentation Mark. Rings lots of bells for me.
Am about to spend 5 weeks studying cycle training and advocacy in Europe and UK.
Will check out Copenhagen.
Patrick Morgan
Cycling Advocates Network (New Zealand)