Street Talks 7; Gehl Architects on putting people first in public places

Street Talks, the monthly liveable city "drink tank" at the Clerkenwell pub the Yorkshire Grey continue apace and just keep getting better.  Previous talks have covered air quality, cycling infrastructure and traffic justice in London amongst other subjects, all focussing on how a fairer, cleaner, healthier and more pleasant future for London can be achieved by changing the way we move around our city.  (Indeed, if you've missed any of the previous talks the slides and the audio are available to listen again here)

Next Tuesday, the 4th October, will perhaps be the most exciting Street Talk yet.  Oliver Schulze, studio director from Gehl Architects in Copenhagen, will be talking on how to re-introduce public life in to city spaces which have come to be dominated by the motor car.  Movement for Liveable London (the people behind Street Talks) describe Tuesday night's talk; "Join us for a journey from Copenhagen to the bike lanes of LA – via taco trucks, snowball fights in Times Square, surface parking lots, Starbucks and Disneyland – as we consider how to put the public back into the public realm. What needs to be done to ensure walking down the street or pausing to chat in a local square is a pleasure rather than a chore? What lessons can London learn from recent efforts to prioritise pedestrians in cities across the world, including New York and even car centric Los Angeles?"

 Road space reclaimed for people in New York City.  London needs more places to just sit! (via Making Cities for People)

I was lucky enough to meet Jan Gehl himself earlier this year (see my write up of my run in with Communities Secretary Eric "Rubber Nickers" Pickles under the watchful gaze of Professor Gehl here!) and there's nothing that his firm doesn't know about creating vibrant, liveable, safe and people-orientated city streets.  I only wish we could get Boris Johnson and half of Transport for London along next Tuesday night!

Street Talks is free and held upstairs at the Yorkshire Grey at 7PM on Tuesday 4th October.  The upstairs is open for food (excellent fish and chips), drinks and networking from 6PM.  From professionals to enthusiasts, everyone is welcome and encouraged to share ideas and expertise.  Come early; seats and space are on a first come first served basis and this talk is likely to be standing room only. 

You can contribute to the discussion via Twitter by following @liveablelondon and using the hashtag #StreetTalks  Gehl Architects blog about their work at Making Cities for People

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