Riding a bike. GQ magazine style.

I've just sat down with the November issue of GQ magazine, which includes a quarterly style supplement full of gorgeous things for the man about town to lust after.  So you can imagine how pleased I was to see the following photos in amongst the pea coats and must-have Autumn shoes.

The pictures form part of a spread of clothes available at House of Fraser (must remember to ask if they've got any bike parking at their Oxford Street store), and the photo shoot took place in Berlin.  I think our stylishly dressed friend in the photographs is riding an old Mifa bike, who are a German manufacturer who nowadays seem to specialise in lumpy frames from the Far East.  I especially like the wing nut hub release on the front wheel - you don't see many of them in London, for obvious reasons.

It's easy to dismiss pictures like this as just another on trend fashion shoot, but my heart warms just a little when I see images of everyday and ordinary cyclists in the mainstream press.  Anything that gets the message out that you don't have to dress like Lance Armstrong to ride a bike is a good thing in my books.  (Of course you can if you want to, it's just there's a lot of people out there who don't yet realise you don't have to, so prevalent still is the sporting imagery within the marketing of bicycles)

Here at i b i k e l o n d o n we've written plenty about cycling's image and PR problem before, on chicken shops, curry and cycling and on the Top Shop girls who ride again.  Whilst you lot ponder over those old posts, I'm off to book me some cheap air fares to Germany...  I hear the cycling facilities there aren't half bad, either.

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GreenComotion said...

Everyday cycling - I like that! The bike pictured is also not obnoxious - seems practical with the works (fenders, carrier/rack, lock and lights). Great!

Paz :)

Anonymous said...

Yeay, GQ. Nice one!x

stupidPony said...

If you really do plan on cycling in Germany, then you'd be way better of getting the train.


Will said...

I recommend Bremen for a (long) weekend getaway. Excellent cycle paths and cycle culture in general.