Get ready to ride the Tour Du Danger

News about the ride that Danny from Cyclists in the City and I have organised for tomorrow; our tour of TfL's Top 10 Most Dangerous Junctions for Cyclists in London, or 'tour du danger', has been spreading fast.

We've received messages of support from London Assembly Members Jenny Jones, John Biggs and Val Shawcros.

There's been press coverage on BBC London television news (see here), London's Evening Standard newspaper (here) and the Guardian (here).  Local London papers have been excellent, as have online outlets Going Going Bike Londonist and the always excellent Road.CC.  Even the business press has been having a look at the issue from an economic point of view.  There's more press coverage to come, too.

Word has been spreading across the internet and Twitter and Facebook meaning we're now expecting a reasonably substantial turn out at tomorrow Tour.  Oh, and have you seen the weather forecast?

It's expected to be a little foggy in the morning, so don't forget your bike lights!

If you're bringing your bike on public transport, don't forget to check in advance for planned closures - much of the network is closed for maintenance tomorrow and buses will be on diversion due to the Lord Mayor's show in the city (for road closures there, see here)

Don't forget your spare inner tube, puncture repair kit and bike pump.  Bring something to drink to keep you hydrated, some warm and / or waterproof clothing, and some chocolate for our tea stop half way round the ride.  And make sure you know how to get home safely from Look Mum No Hands where we will be ending our ride (probably around 1PM).

Don't be concerned if you're not sure about coming by yourself.  There will be plenty of others like you!  Just look at the Twitter hashtag #tourdudanger to see who is coming along, and know that you are going to be in friendly, like-minded company.  Why not help spread the word using your own twitter or facebook profile?  Maybe some of your friends will want to come along too?

The aim of the ride isn't to be militant, to disrupt other people's journeys or to take over the streets for the hell of it.  This isn't Critical Mass.  There is a serious message here in that in order for more people to be cycling they need to feel subjectively and statistically safe.  Where very serious warnings about the design of a road are issued they must be heard.  No road casualty should ever be "inevitable".

We're really excited about the ride tomorrow, and know that a lot of you are too.  I hope you'll join us at St Mark's Church at 10.30AM prompt tomorrow to join with many, many other London cyclists who want to see TfL really tackle the source of danger on our roads and ensure that warnings don't go unheard about the most dangerous junctions in London.

I'm ready to ride, are you?

Big thanks to all our lovely volunteer marshals, and London Cycling Campaign, for all the support and assistance they've given us.  Please do remember to give them a big smile and ring of your bell when you see them tomorrow.

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Loving the Bike said...

Good luck tomorrow. I'll be thinking about you and am really excited about what you are doing. I can't wait to see the story you post when you finish. Please be sure to contact me and let me know what I can post as well.


Mark S said...

I'll be there, the cycling revolution hasn't happened until any and all Londoners can feel safe cycling round their own city. This is hopefully the start of something big!

mikeLCC said...

Lots of useful advice - well done on organising so efficiently

see you in the morning

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I really wish that I could join you.

Jono said...

Good luck tomorrow Mark, and well done on the fantastic effort in rousing the troops!

Sorry to miss tomorrow, but I look forward to reading all about it.



Nathan said...

If only I could join you, I remember riding round many of these junctions when I lived in London from 1980 to 1988. Good luck.
Here in the Shires we are doing our bit as well, please take a lok at my bike blog at
Thanks, Nathan.

Anonymous said...

Another cyclist killed at Bow Roundabout today according to BBC. Ride safe.

Andy in Germany said...

Great stuff, and well done for keeping the pressure on, and being so well organised.

By the way Eldest Son just came and looked at the picture above and his first question (after "What's the blue thing?") Was: "What's a car doing in the cycle lane?"