If you like Street Talks, you'll love Urbanized by Gary Hustwit

We celebrated the Street Talks Christmas Party earlier this week and many of you turned out to share ideas, meet with one another and hear from an eclectic and inspiring group of speakers.  As always you can watch again all of the previous presentations to date.

If you like Street Talks, or indeed if you're interested in how our streets and the space between buildings are designed, built and managed you'll love Urbanized, a new film from director Gary Hustwit.  From the bike lanes of New York to the slums of India, from the modernist madness that make up the street plan of Brasilia, to our own fair London; the film provides a flying review of the best - and worst - in urban thinking from around the world.

Stunning photography and a deftly woven narrative will keep you engaged, whilst one to one insight with the likes of Jan Gehl on the bike lanes of Copenhagen, and former Mayor of Bogota Enrique Penalosa on his cycling revolution will have you wishing we could do more of their kind of work over here.

I was lucky enough to attend the UK premiere of Urbanized with the director (Gary Hustwit of Helvetica fame) a short while ago and was inspired by the message he explained he was trying to impart with the film; "Get involved in the choices made about your city, otherwise someone else will make those choices for you."

It's my favourite documentary film of the year (but then, as a bike blogger who spends too much time thinking about all these issues perhaps I was bound to say that!) and I'd encourage you to go.  If you like Street Talks, you'll love Urbanized.

Urbanized is screening at the Barbican Cinema from the 16th to the 23rd of December only.  Tickets are one pound cheaper if purchased online; full details can be found here.

Whilst I strongly recommend catching this movie on the big screen purely to fully enjoy its arresting visuals, for those of you outside of London, Urbanized is currently available to watch on demand on a pay per view basis on the film's website.

Go see!

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