Street Talks Christmas Party!

There's just enough time for me to remind you that it's the Street Talks Christmas Party at Look Mum No Hands tomorrow night.

For our special Christmas event we're at a different venue (the bicycle cafe and bar Look Mum No Hands instead of our usual haunt at the Yorkshire Grey) and we'll be presenting a different format too.  Instead of hearing from one speaker on one subject we'll be hearing several speakers who each have just 7.5 minutes to present their compelling vision for a better and more liveable London.  Call it a Street Talks Christmas Wish List, if you like...

Santa on a Bicycle - Germany
Photo from SpinOffStuff via Flickr.

James Upsher, freshly returned from a sojourn to Copenhagen, will talk on "Everything is wrong with how we build cycle paths" using his first hand experience of the new designs for the Elephant and Castle as a launch pad for his ideas.  Charlie Holland will be making the link between road danger reduction, people friendly public spaces and drinking water fountains, whilst photographer Mimi Mollica will talk about the importance of smiling all the way through your day.  We will also hear about guerilla urbanism, streets for play, the case for 20mph, urban wild flower meadows and a wish for TfL to follow more ethical guidance...  Santa will have his work cut out working on this wish list!

The evening is sure to raise lots of interesting debate, and as always there will be the chance to discuss some of the exciting new ideas raised, to mingle with your peers and to have a drink or two (did I mention that the food at LMNH is excellent, and that their cakes are even better?)  There's ample bike parking on site too!  And as it's Christmas we will also be collecting money for Road Peace on the night.

And we will also be looking back on the year and some of the presenters we've heard from at the previous eight Street Talks.  Don't forget you can "Listen Again" to all of the previous presentations on the Movement for Liveable London website.

I look forward to seeing some of you there!

The Street Talks Christmas Party is at Look Mum No Hands, 49 Old Street, EC1V 9HX with the first talk starting at 7PM on the 6th of December.

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Unknown said...

Shame I can't make it tonight - guerilla urbanism sounds interesting and any excuse for a smile sounds good to me!
Have a great evening!

mulberry outlet said...

great evening!