Never mind the Olympics, let's play (bike) polo

London has an amazing ability to support cyclists of all backgrounds and diverse interests and is big enough to build up a critical mass of every type of two wheeled funster around.

So it is that this weekend sees the London Hard Court Bike Polo Association hosting a long weekend of international bike polo madness at Bethnal Green Gardens in East London (right next to Bethnal Green tube for those not coming by bike and just a short ride from the centre of London.)

Friday night is the all-women tournament Hells Belles Volume 2 whilst Saturday and Sunday will see mixed teams from across the world competing in the London Open 2012.

This post isn't just an excuse to replicate the LHBPA's AMAZING artwork here - fantastic though it is - but to encourage you all, dear readers, to make a day of it and head East to watch.  If you haven't been a spectator at a bike polo match yet you're missing a trick.

There's goals a plenty, thrills, spills and the clashing of mallets and you're guaranteed a great day out watching fantastic fast-paced grass-roots sport.  If you're not sure on the rules of Bike Polo the Guardian Bike Blog has a breathless account of how it all works, and you'll soon pick it up even if you haven't been to watch before.  There will be no less than three polo courts set up especially for the weekend so plenty to see and do.


The photos above are from an invitational tournament held at Spitalfields Market two years ago - I had an amazing afternoon spectating, and was made to feel so welcome.

If you're missing the camaraderie and competitive buzz of the Olympics then head to Bethnal Green this weekend for some home grown sporting prowess on bicycles.  Bring your bike, you can leave your pony at home.

One, Two, Three, Polo!

Hells Belles Volume 2 - all women bike polo tournament is this Friday 24th August from 10AM to 8PM.  London Open 2012 is on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th August from approximately 8AM to 8PM - here's a map of the court locations.

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Cycle Samuel said...

I saw an introduction to this on the Cycle Show on ITV4...looks like a lot of fun...are there any clubs outside London?

ibikelondon said...

Hi Samuel, yes there are! Check out the bike polo section on and the

Good luck!

sammy said...

copenhagen is an inspirational place, i wish someday we could all move forwards, sadly with giant metrololis cities on the uprise i doubt all cities will ever have the ability.

bike hound said...

I saw this on the Cycle Show, it looked like AnnaG had a great time. I'm trying to find a full list of events, I know there are meetings at Herne Hill but what about in other parts of London further to the North?
It would be great if every borough in London had at least one bike polo team.

Andy_in_Germany said...

Looks like a sport I may actually find interesting. Alas locally there are only bike ball teams: bike Polo is unheard of.

Unknown said...

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Jono said...

Here's the highlights video from the London Open 2012:

(Hell's Belles highlights video coming soon.)

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.