London Bike Polo Open Highlights

East London has been lucky enough to host TWO world class sporting tournaments in recent weeks.  Whilst the athletes of the world were hopping, skipping and jumping through Stratford, bike polo teams from all around the world were competing in Bethnal Green in the London Open 2012.

Hosted by the London Hard Court Bike Polo Association, teams from all around the world - Canada, Switzerland, Australia and, um, Bristol - jostled for top position, whilst new friends clashed mallets and cycling fans from across town gathered round to cheer people on.

Check out the video highlights, above, by Vimeo user Chan, and my snaps of the day, below.


The sport itself is fantastic to watch; fast paced, furious and just a little violent, but you'll also get to see some truly incredible bike handling skills, pot luck shots and all of this is up close and personal.  If you're really lucky you'll get to see a team of players with butterflies tattooed on their chests (the imaginatively named "Team Butterfly Tits") What's not to like?!


Well done to everyone taking part, and of course to everyone who volunteered their time and enthusiasm to ensure this brilliant event could take place (no nylon purple uniforms for you, I'm afraid).  If you're interested in playing bike polo (and frankly, why wouldn't you be?) the scene is burgeoning in London at the moment.  West London Bike Polo are holding beginner's sessions with the support of BIKEMINDED and the London Hard Court Bike Polo Association help to organise games and tournaments all around town.  Lastly, check out the polo section of LFGSS for more information, and their "For Sale" section for scouting out cheap kit.  See here for my full set of photos of the day.


Go on, get involved, you have nothing to lose but the skin on your knees!

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Paul M said...

Mar, that book I mentioned is "Words of Mercury", by Patrick Leigh Fermor, edited by Artemis Cooper. Ch 2 relates playing bike polo in Hungary in 1936!

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