Street Talks: Ian Roberts and the Energy Glut

Why are our kids fat? Why is the economy a mess?  What links aid for Africa with riding your bicycle in London?!

If you haven't read Professor Ian Robert's book "The Energy Glut" you're missing a trick.  It has been referenced by a speaker or member of the audience - without fail - at every single Street Talks we've hosted.  Tackling the biggest public health conundrums the world has ever faced; obesity and climate change; it stitches together a compelling narrative of why our fattening world is not just down to gluttony and why what you put in your mouth is inexorably linked to  how we get around.  Energy is all around us and once you've read The Energy Glut you'll never look at it in quite the same way again...

This September's Street Talk will host author Professor Roberts in person as he seeks to explore the relationship between cheap oil, car dependency, road danger, the inactivity pandemic, climate change and obesity.

September's talk falls on a MONDAY evening at 7PM on the 10th September at the Yorkshire Grey at 2 Theobalds Road.  As always the bar is open for food and drink from 6PM and seats will go fast on a first come first served basis.

For more information on Street Talks, and to view all of their previous events again online see here.  The Energy Glut is currently available to purchase on Amazon, here.

There's no Street Talk in October as the Movement for Liveable London are helping to host Mikael Colville-Andersen of Copenhagen Cycle Chic fame on Thursday 11th October.

Keep November Tuesday 6th clear in your diaries for the next Street Talk to be hosted at the Yorkshire Gray and featuring.... me!  I'll be the next speaker and will be talking on how cycle campaigning moves forward in to the future and building an equal city.  More info soon!

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agriculture investments said...

Sounds like a facinating book. I am familiar with the obesity issue, and of course one is inundated with information on the politics of energy, but I reckon this is the book I've heard of that ties the two issues together. When looking at obesity, it also might be worth mentioning the couch and the telly as contributors as well:)

Unknown said...

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