Rachel Aldred's Case Against the Car at Street Talks - TOMORROW!

Has the UK become automobile dependent?  Is the impact of the automobile measured within our communities and is this impact taken in to consideration when it comes to planning and building accommodating conditions for cars?  And what are the emerging cultural trends that offer a hopeful divergence from the age-old "car is king" mantra? 

It's the February Street Talk tomorrow night, and this month we'll be hearing from sociologist Dr Rachel Aldred from Westminster University as she presents her "Case Against the Car".


Rachel is the Senior Lecturer in Transport at Westminster, a member of the board of London Cycling Campaign and the founder of the London Cycling Research Group.  Her research projects have covered cars and CO2, cycling cultures in England, cycle advocacy in London and modelling social influences on commuting decisions.  She gave a barn-storming performance when invited to give expert evidence to the GLA's Cycling in London investigation, and addressed the opening evidence session of the Get Britain Cycling All Party Parliamentary Inquiry.  Rachel's online home, most especially her blog, is a veritable goldmine of stats and academic papers worth perusing by anyone interested in cycling policy and planning.

Street Talks is hosted by the Movement for Liveable London and takes place upstairs at The Yorkshire Grey at 2 Theobalds Road, tomorrow on Tuesday 5th February.  As usual the bar opens for food, drink and networking at 6PM with the talk starting at 7PM.

You can follow the talk online and contribute your own insights on Twitter using the StreetTalks hashtag.

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