Get On Your Bike

It's National Bike Week (what do you mean you didn't know?!) and with summer slowly dawning on us, bike retail giant Halfords have struck just the right tone with their fantastic "Get On Your Bike" advert.

Drinking tea from the race pace car? Kids pushing roadies out of the way?  The knowing nod to the high vis brigade?  Dogs in baskets? Fixie hipsters with moustache combs?!  It's all here, in one great cycling melee of fun, and here at ibikelondon we very much approve.

Well done Halfords, when it comes to showing the joy of bikes you've hit the nail on the head.

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chriszanf said...

Thats Jamie from Look Mum, No Hands at 57secs!

ibikelondon said...

@chriszanf Fame at last for Jamie! Hurrah!

Anonymous said...

Very nice! But in 2001 this happened for real in the Netherlands, when the mail man on his bike kept up with some racers. The racers had a good laugh about it, shouting: "give that man a contract!" video.

Cyclocross said...

Thats brilliant! I've seen clips of this on the T.V. and it got me grinning straight away.
As soon as you mentioned Halfords I realised what you were talking about!