As it happened: #space4cycling 2

Last night Londoners took to the streets once again to demand change from the Mayor and Transport for London following the 3rd cyclist's deaths in as many weeks.  The huge protest was organised in less than 24 hours, using email, Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels, and led by the London Cycling Campaign.  

As a "social media event" here's coverage of the moving, powerful night as it happened:

A written report by transport correspondent Tom Edwards appeared on the BBC London news website. And as we rolled out a pre-recorded report focussing on the danger posed by lorries to cyclists and pedestrians was broadcast on ITV London's evening news.

Meanwhile back in Holborn, the riders kept on coming. 

Thank you, London, for turning out in such huge numbers at such short notice and making sure your voices are heard.  My thoughts go out to the deceased rider's family and friends.  Transport for London and the Mayor MUST act.

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Anonymous said...

Well done all of you. Three deaths in three weeks is shocking and actions such as these also have influence beyond the M25.

Over to you Boris... said...

Truely amazing turnout yesterday! It was like a sea of bikes. Thanks to all who went on the ride. Come on all Londoners, let's unite and make our voice heard loud and clear to Boris and to our local authorities. We don't want any more rubbish cycle facilities! We want properly thought out, well-engineered, safe cycle tracks. We want our own space on busy roads! We don't want to mix with heavy traffic. Sub-standard solutions, e.g blue paint and dangerous junctions, are not enough!
Richard Walter, Wimbledon (Merton Cycling Campaign).

Har said...

Just imagine if all of those people had turned up in cars; space for cycling should be a no-brainer for the policy-makers. More and better infra-stucture will make all traffic flow.