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A week to the day since French woman  Philippine De Gerin-Ricard was killed by a lorry whilst cycling on a Boris Bike in Aldgate, thousands of concerned Londoners turned out on our streets to tell the Mayor and Transport for London that we need safe space for cycling and that the time had come for deeds, not words


Earlier this week, Ms De Gerin-Ricard's mother bravely spoke out after coming to London from France to formally identify her daughter's remains.  She said;
“The fact that there were road works meant that it was suicidal and what I don’t understand is how they can put vehicles and bicycles so close together at this spot. It is ridiculous.
“In situations like this people always say they will do something - we will do something. I would like to see a deadline so things change so no  other family goes through what I am going through. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone - not even my very worst enemy.”


Tonight nearly 2,000 of you showed that you agree and do not want to see any more needless deaths on London's roads.  (Estimates have varied from one to two thousand attendees)  The BBC filmed the protest and recorded interviews for the radio - though an Airbus Dreamliner bursting in to flames at Heathrow rather stole the coverage limelight!

Anne Kenrick speaks after the ride

London Cycling Campaign chair of trustees Anne Kenrick addressed the crowds at the end of the ride, speaking with first hand experience of why change is needed now: just this afternoon her nephew was hospitalised after being knocked off of his bicycle by an HGV in central London.


The ride snaked from Tower Hill to Whitechapel, via the fatal crash site in Aldgate where Ms De Gerin-Ricard killed.  Flowers were laid and the protest fell silent as it paid its respects, before bells were rung in unison and the protest pushed on to angry cries of "Blue paint: not enough!"

Of Cycle Superhighway 2, London Cycling Campaign CEO Dr Ashok Sinha has previously said; "[In 2010] we warned TfL in the starkest terms of the dangers of left-turning vehicles, high traffic volumes and speeds, and the absence of provision for cyclists."

Tonight those warnings were reiterated, and the Mayor and Transport for London can no longer choose not to listen.  They've announced an exciting raft of future plans for cycling in London, but cyclists are impatient for these long-awaited plans to be turned in to reality.  In the meantime, where downright dangerous infrastructure like CS2 on the Whitechapel Road has been built, it is time for Boris to go back to his drawing board.  Blue paint is not enough.

A huge thank you to all of you who came tonight, who used social media to help spread the word, and who took the time to give a damn.  Huge thanks to the Metropolitan Police bicycle and motorcycle riders who kept the protest safe, and of course to the London Cycling Campaign for co-ordinating the ride and publicity.  Final thanks must go to the merry band of red vest-wearing volunteer marshals who helped to keep us all on track.  Thank you all!

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