Spot yourself in our #space4cycling video!

We were clearing out the ibikelondon archives and found a stack of footage from the #space4cycling ride around Parliament that we hadn't shared before.

The protest, the culmination of a series of rides, was an incredible event with over 5,000 people on bikes completely surrounding the Houses of Westminster as they rode past the London Eye, across Westminster Bridge, through Parliament Square and back across Lambeth Bridge.  Inside the House of Commons, MPs were busy debating the Get Britain Cycling inquiry; a mammoth four hour debate during which politician after politician stood to urge the Government to do more for their cycling constituents.

Hopefully this video gives some sense to those who weren't in London as to what the energy of 5,000 cyclists feels like, and helps to show the increasing diversity of our city's riders.

Were you at the #space4cycling ride on Westminster in September?  See if you can spot yourself in our video and let us know!

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