New Year's velo resolutions

It's 2014, and there's 365 days of new cycling opportunities ahead.  New Year's day is traditionally the time to make resolutions, so we asked you what ambitions you're setting yourself, and what promises to make itself a better cycling city you thought London should make?

That Was The Year That Was...

2013 was certainly an action packed year for cycling in London.  From the launch of the Get Britain Cycling Report in Parliament, to the corridors of power tinkling to thousands of bike bells as the Palaces of Westminster were surrounded by protesting cyclists, there was barely a week that went by when there wasn't a new cycling issue in the public eye.  

Who will forget the case of Emma Way, the girl at the centre of a Twit and Run story that just wouldn't quit?  And what about the sense of joy and achievement for the thousands who participated in the inaugural Ride London 100 cycling marathon?  Online there was plenty to watch; from Lance admitting just about everything to - more positively - Danny MacAskill's Imaginate and Road Bike Party II (when is someone going to make a Brompton one of these?)  

In advocacy circles here in London the news that the Mayor plans to spend nearly a billion pounds over the next ten years actually building real cycling infrastructure was warmly received, but people looked to the Mayor for warm words in vain following a spate of shocking deaths on our roads in November..

Improving London, one tweet at a time

We asked you via our Twitter account (what do you mean you're not following us yet? We're over here!) what you think London should do in the year ahead to make itself a safer cycling city.  Here's some of your responses; 

@dminlondon thought cyclists should turn to vigilantism to fight their corner (I'm not so sure about this!) whilst the always insightful @MelJGrech highlighted the importance of joined up planning by neighbouring boroughs so that streets which are shared by more than one authority are improved equally.

Your New Year's Cycling Resolutions

I also asked you what your own personal new year's cycling resolutions are, and the answers came in thick and fast!

@JustAnotherCyclist is going to try and balance against preaching to the converted when spreading the joys of cycling, whilst @HannahNicklin is saving up for a new bike as well as planning to compete in her first half ironman (and has promised herself she'll ride at least 200km a week - good luck!)  @narrowboatlucy also thinks it is a good idea to get the old wheels turning again by training for a charity ride.

Meanwhile @MeljGrech has a personal resolution too.  She's determined to teach her new puppy, Uma, how to ride in her bike panniers.  All together now; "Awwww."

Me?  I had an incredibly busy 2013, and am looking forward to 2014.  My resolutions are to cycle more, and not let the bike plan go out the window when work gets busy, to eat less cake (gulp!), to finish a big cycling film project I'm currently working on and of course to keep ibikelondon going.  It's going to be an exciting year!

Happy New Year to you, and may 2014 be filled with many miles of safe cycling fun for you and yours.  What are your new year's cycling resolutions?

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Anonymous said...

Ride more and discover at least one new place in this interesting region of Germany.

Ride more with my family.

Blog more about it.

Possibly these will come in conflict withnumber three,which is 'build a Yurt' but I'm trying to see that as a win/win situation...

ibikelondon said...

Crikey! Good luck with the Yurt building! That's certainly a unique resolution if ever I heard one, but I bet your kids will love it.

Anonymous said...

My resolution is to leave the country! Life's too short for banging one's head against a wall.

catherine said...

Is that project a short film or anything like public service ads?

Poppy @ Persistence Over Perfection said...

Like many cyclists I'd like to get more miles in this year - as well as keeping them up when work/life gets busy! My main goal is to cycle the UK side to side in June - a daunting task, but one I'm looking forward to. Route planning is the first stop! Have a happy 2014 :)