Snapped! Amsterdamize

These superb snaps come courtesy of Marc at the always erudite Amsterdamize blog - if you're not familiar with this blogger he's one of what I'd call the 'holy trinity' for cycle style and advocacy (the other two being David Hembrow, also in the Netherlands, and Mikael Colville-Anderson's two blogs, from Denmark)
Cycle Around Town
Pictures like this are really all we need to promote cycling - look how much fun these people are having!  Of course, the reason that they are able to have this much fun is because they haven't been terrified off of the roads by the prevailing conditions: a consequence of a mixture of investment in cycling over a sustained number of years, good quality cycling infrastructure, and laws which protect the most vulnerable road users.  If ever cycle advocates need to find reasons why bicycles are our urban futures, they needn't look too far...

Cycle Around Town


Amsterdamize said...

I love the smell of surprises in the morning ;). Thanks, Mark, these pics are indeed the product of that.

Just yesterday we were reminded that this process never stops, as a 58 year-old man on a bike was hit and killed by a right-turning truck. He was cycling on a segregated bike path, he had green light and had the right of way. Police is investigating, but suspects reckless driving.

The few cycling deaths in AMS almost all involve a truck and its blind spot, something the Dutch have been addressing for quite some time now. Extra mirrors (mandatory), national, regional and local campaigns & extra schooling for children and now blind spot/ped/cyclist detectors are in the works.

You can never really eradicate bad human behavior, but it's our duty to try.

Lady VĂ©lo said...

Those photos have brought a smile to my face... will check him out :)

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